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LATORIAL FAISON was born April 14, 1973 in Southampton County, VA. She is author of eleven poetic titles, including best-selling Amazon Kindle titles Mother to Son, I Am Woman, flesh, Love Poems, The Marriage Bed, the 28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History series, and children's book, Kendall's Golf Lesson. This University of Virginia and VA TECH graduate's poetry and prose have appeared in Mandala Journal, The Watering Hole, Obsidian, About Place Journal, Blackberry: a magazine, Chickenbones, Kalyani, Deep South Magazine, The Chattahoochee Review, Poetry Quarterly & elsewhere. Visit Faison online at Invite her to your next event. Purchase her books in paperback and downloadable eBook formats at Amazon or Barnes n' Noble online booksellers.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Growing Up

By Latorial Faison

I thought we were gonna die
Somehow we'd implode/explode

But there were no sirens &
No flashing lights, no police

Come to haul us out of sight
Mama didn't run back here

From the dead to say we'd raised
A sissy or thug instead

Jesus didn't crack the sky
The Good Reverend Doctor

She didn't drop dead or sigh
When the firstborn turned eighteen

Shattered all our hopes & dreams
With ear piercings on each side.

Copyrighted April 21, 2016 Latorial D. Faison

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